Dear Getz Dental Partners...

Over the years, we've received countless letters and testimonials from our patient and friends all across Fairfield County. Below are some of our favorites. 


It’s been quite a project doing all my new crowns – top and bottom – front to back. You definitely came through and “delivered” on the smile design, color harmony, bite comfort, and lip support that fulfilled all of my expectations. Thank you for your hard work, your commitment, and your artistic skills.
— Donald G., Stamford, CT
I would like to thank you for saving two (2) of my back molars that required root canal treatment; a very successful job it was. It saved my teeth from removal. Thank you again.
— Sincerely, Chester K., Stamford, CT
In the past, you did root canal treatments, fillings, and constructed a bridge and also a complicated denture. Recently, I received two restorations and four porcelain crowns. The biting matches perfectly. What we like the most of your workmanship is your preciseness. It takes time to reach that point but you are extremely meticulous! You are perfectionists and at the same time you are dental artists. Thank you very much.
— Hei & Toshiko A., Stamford, CT
Thanks again for the tremendous job. I was a little concerned about wearing braces as an adult, but the results were well worth it. In addition, a prominent tooth was discolored as a result of a childhood accident, but you easily solved the problem with a porcelain laminate. I now have much more confidence, thanks to a smile that I am happy to share.
— Paul B., Stamford, CT
I am happy to let you know how much I have appreciated your dental services for me for the last 20 years or so. It has included surgery, crowns, root canal treatment and fixed bridges and orthodontics. Most of all, I am pleased to say that I have overcome a life-long phobia against dentists because of the gentle and painless treatment I have received in your practice. Thank you so much.
— Very truly, Esme I., Greenwich, CT
You have delivered excellent dental care to my family over the years involving various treatments. Your continuing dedication to advanced training is impressive.
— Kent H., Darien, CT
Well, where do I start to express my admiration for your dedication to perfection and to ongoing professional acquisition and to implementation of knowledge? Re-alignment with braces, followed by porcelain bridges has given me a more confident full smile than I ever had before. After relocating to South Lake, Texas, my new dentist was awe-struck at the artistry in my mouth – “you rarely see that sort of expertise”! So, a good place to start is “Thank you, Dr. Ed”! – A good British understatement!
— With great sincerity, Cheryl M., Darien, CT
In the 18 years that I’ve been going to your practice, I have always been impressed with your credentials. It was about nine years ago that I had fallen and chipped my front tooth. To this day, I am astonished by the cosmetic repair you had done. It was a considerable chip, and I am pretty hard on my teeth. You can’t tell even right in a mirror, close-up, that there is a repair. Thank you.
— Sincerely, John J., Cos Cob, CT
The patience and meticulous work that went into straightening and sculpting my teeth into a beautiful smile has finally paid off. I have had braces on for a few years and the braces came off as my senior portraits were approaching – the pictures look wonderful because of my straight teeth. The compliments I have received on my smile and teeth are demonstration of how great your work is! Thank you for the hard work you put into achieving a better smile for me that is visible to everyone I meet.
— Sincerely, Katherine C., Stamford, CT
Gentlemen, I wish to send along yet another endorsement of the excellent dental work I have received over the years of being your patient. You are both consummate professionals, working hard to remain current with all the latest dental techniques. Keep up the good work!
— Sincerely, William L., Darien, CT
I am completely satisfied with your work and recommend you both to clients, friends and anyone else who tells me they need a dentist. No one has ever come back complaining that I gave them a bad recommendation. On the contrary, I get thanks from them! I cannot recommend you both enough!
— Sincerely, Matt H., Stamford, CT
Many, many thanks for all the great work you undertook in reconstructing my mouth. This involved not only repairing, via root canal, several of my teeth, and even improving my smile by eliminating some crooked teeth among my low lower “social six”, but, most importantly, this enabled the capping of all my teeth for a perfect set of teeth. Your expertise and understanding of what was required, your attention to detail and never settling for anything less than perfection are just few of the qualities that I admire in you and which has led me to recommend you to all my friends. In addition, the experience is greatly enhanced by your exceptional staff. And if all this isn’t enough, you do it all for a reasonable price. What an experience!
— Best regards, B.J., Greenwich, CT
It’s been a very long journey, but totally worth your patient and professional care. All the crowns (20) and bridgework are comfortable, straight and beautifully colored. The end result has been a smile that I have missed for years!
— With best wishes, D.S. Sweeney, Stamford, CT
As one of your first patients, I’ve appreciated the consistently high level of dental work shown in several crowns and inlays particularly. Your skill and personal care are always evident, and friendship valued.
— Sincerely, C.H., Darien, CT


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